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Under what circumstances are teachers required to provide coverage during their non-instructional block? How are teachers compensated? Who keeps track of their time?

There have been two grievance settlements (1994 and 2000) which have resulted in the following outline of guidelines. Note that for both teachers and TTOCs, compensation is NOT provided in the following circumstances:

  • Late arrival of a teacher or an TTOC
  • Any emergencies or sudden illness necessitating the absence of a teacher from a classroom
  • Large workshops or activities which deplete the TTOC list
  • Epidemics that deplete the TTOC list

Excluding the above noted circumstances, teachers and TTOCs are entitled to compensation when they are asked to cover a class during their non-instructional time.

Process to follow in compensating teachers and TTOCs in situations where they are asked to cover during non-instructional time


  • A teacher who is owed a compensatory block is entitled to the compensatory block.
  • As TTOCs must be called out for a half day minimum, schools are encouraged to organize compensation in 1/2 day increments, ie. teachers should accumulate two or more blocks or a TTOC can cover for two different teachers who are owed a prep block.


  • TTOCs are entitled to the same scheduled non-instructional time as the teacher they are replacing.
  • Should an TTOC be asked to cover for a different teacher during their non-instructional block, they are entitled to
  • an additional 1/4 day’s pay.

A form for claiming compensatory time is available in every school office. It is completed and signed by the Principal/Vice-Principal and forwarded to the VBE, Human Resources. It is strongly recommended that all teachers and TTOCs also keep an accurate record of their lost non-instructional time. Prep time compensation can be carried forward into subsequent years.