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Extra-Curricular Activities – a WCB update

The BCTF has received the decision by the Workers’ Compensation Appeal Tribunal denying a claim for a teacher who was playing in a staff versus students soccer game at lunch time in the school gymnasium.  The claim was disallowed on the basis that the soccer game was not part of the worker’s employment.  A similar claim was denied at WCAT last year when the injury occurred during a lunch time students vs. staff softball game.

Specifically, the WCAT panel found that the worker was injured outside normal working hours, he was not involved in an activity that was part of his job, he was not instructed or otherwise directed by the employer to carry out the activity, the activity was not directly supervised by a representative of the employer having supervisory authority, and fitness was not a job requirement. Evidence that the teacher was “encouraged to participate with students to foster good relations” did not carry sufficient weight with the tribunal to support the claim.

The BCTF is considering making a submission to the WCB regarding their policies on coverage for extra-curricular activities such as this one, but in the meanwhile, teachers should be aware that if they choose to participate in recreational, exercise, or sports-related activities outside of instructional time, their WCB claim may not be accepted if they are injured.

Please note that this decision does not affect coaches or supervisors of school teams.

Click here for WCAT decision.