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VSTA AGM 2018 Report

Many thanks to all who attended the VSTA AGM on May 15 at Tupper to vote on important issues and elect the 2018-19 Executive Committee.

The membership

  • received a report and passed recommendations on the Salary Indemnity Fund (SIF);
  • adopted the Audited Financial Statements for Year Ended July 31, 2017;
  • passed the VSTA Budget 2018-19;
  • appointed Auditors for 2018-19;
  • passed motions to update the VSTA Constitution and By-Laws;
  • elected IHTOs and Executive Members for 2018-19;
  • recognized and thanked Brett Gabelman who served as a member of VSTA Executive and Health and Safety Chair;
  • received a bargaining update, and was encouraged to attend the VSTA Provincial Bargaining Objective Ratification Vote at the VSTA Office on May 31, 2018 at 4:00pm;
  • received a report on the recently signed Letter of Understanding on Prep-time Recovery.

Many great door prizes were raffled off and members enjoyed the social following the meeting.  

Congratulations to the recently elected In-House Table Officers and Executive Members for 2018-19!

President Katharine Shipley
1st Vice-President Treena Goolieff
2nd Vice-President Rory Brown
3rd Vice-President Terry Stanway
Treasurer Phil Lee
Local Representatives Madeline Brewster, Phil Lee, Sara McGarry
Members-at-Large Nikitha Fester, Scott McKeen, Sylvia Metzner, Trish Mugford, Nancy Palejko, Alyssa Reid, John Silver
TTOC Rep Karine Ng

Standing Committee Chairs

Health & Safety

Professional Development

Social & Environmental Justice


W/LC & Bargaining



Michael-Don Borason

Leanne Hagglund

Shelby Calman

Peter Halim

Treena Goolieff