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VSTA Candidates for Delegate to the BCTF AGM

Candidates will be elected at the VSTA General Meeting on January 21st at Tupper (following VTF General Meeting at 4:00 pm). Read more for candidate statements.

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There’s Also the Money Workshop

Making sense of pensions & group benefits – Wednesday, February 19, 2020 from 4:00-6:00 pm at the VSTA office. Read more for info and registration details.

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TTOC Prep Time Coverage

  • TTOCs are entitled to the same scheduled non-instructional time as the teacher they are replacing.
  • Should an TTOC be asked to cover for a different teacher during their non-instructional block, they are entitled to
  • an additional 1/4 day’s pay.

A form for claiming compensatory time is available in every school office. It is completed and signed by the Principal/Vice-Principal and forwarded to the VBE, Human Resources. It is strongly recommended that all teachers and TTOCs also keep an accurate record of their lost non-instructional time. Prep time compensation can be carried forward into subsequent years.

Black History Month

Every February, Canadians are invited to participate in Black History Month festivities and events that honour the legacy of Black Canadians, past and present. Read more for a list of resources.

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VTF & VSTA General Meetings

VSTA members are encouraged to attend the VTF and VSTA General Meetings. Read more for agenda items.

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