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Environmental News & Events

Climate Change Resources

Teachers have a big impact on society and there are actions we can take in our schools and our daily lives to help facilitate systemic change. Read more for local and regional school resources.

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Canada is Ready for the Leap Rally

Join environmental, indigenous, labour, and social justice organizations in pressuring our new federal government to make fundamental change in our country.

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BCTF Social Justice Action Groups

The BCTF’s province-wide social justice network includes six social justice action groups with the purpose to provide information, lesson ideas, and professional support for classroom teachers. Each action group creates discrete web pages covering the areas for which they are responsible.

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Bottled Water Free Day

March 18 is recognized as Bottled Water Free Day in Canada and has been recognized since 2010. Read more for poster and resources.

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Transit Plebiscite – VOTE YES!

Residents of the Metro Vancouver Region will begin receiving their ballots on the Transit Plebiscite on March 16. Whether you drive a car or use public transit there are direct benefits to voting YES.

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