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What should I do if I have a fall at work and/or experience some type of occupational injury?

If you suffer an occupational injury, report it immediately to your supervisor, usually the vice-principal in charge of health and safety, by completing a WorkSafeBC Form 6A (Worker’s Report of Injury or Occupational Disease to Employer).

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Under what circumstances are teachers required to provide coverage during their non-instructional block? How are teachers compensated? Who keeps track of their time?

There have been two grievance settlements (1994 and 2001) which have resulted in the following outline of guidelines. Note that for both teachers and TOCs, compensation is NOT provided in the following circumstances:

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When does a teaching job need to be posted?

When the Board becomes aware that a position will be vacant for longer than three (3) consecutive months in a school year…

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In terms of posting and filling vacancies, what do the designations A through F mean?

The VBE/VTF Collective Agreement states that qualified applicants will be interviewed and offered positions according to the categories, with A having the highest priority. See Article E.21.4.

Can my teaching load be changed after I accept a position?

Under Article E.21.1 of the VBE/VTF Collective Agreement, it is understood that “a vacancy being filled may be modified prior to filling due to enrolment/program changes.”

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