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Does the VBE have an employee assistance program? If so, how do I access it?

All VBE employees and their immediate family members have access to the Employee Assistance Program, a confidential and voluntary service that provides practical support. There is no cost to use your EAP.

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What are the contractual responsibilities and ethical boundaries of a department head/teacher leader?

There is no specific language in the VBE/VTF Collective Agreement about the contractual responsibilities of department heads.

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What is the BCTF SIP?

The BCTF operates its own Salary Indemnity Plan, providing both short-term and long-term benefits to members disabled from employment as a result of illness or accident.

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Who is eligible for SIF? How do I apply for the VSTA SIF? What is SIF?

The VSTA Salary Indemnity Fund is a top-up plan available to all VSTA teachers on a continuing contract.

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What are the expectations and/or rules around Pro-D, including self-directed activities?

As of the fall of 2007, the VSTA has developed and adopted a document entitled, VSTA Guidelines for Self-Directed Professional Development.”

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