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Pro-D Ideas and Suggestions

  1. Attend a conference
  2. Be a sponsor teacher for a student teacher
  3. Give a workshop
  4. Review resources for classroom use
  5. Review professional readings
  6. Develop new curriculum for use in the classroom
  7. Begin/continue university studies
  8. Explore resources using Library’s and/or the Internet
  9. Participate in group planning
  10. Mentor a beginning teacher
  11. Join a professional organization/ network
  12. Participate in curriculum development
  13. Pilot new curriculum or a new program
  14. Reflect, discuss, and research for the purpose of planning individual or group Professional Development
  15. Develop the discipline of reflective journal keeping
  16. Join the school Pro-D committee
  17. Subscribe to and read professional journals
  18. Work on a local / provincial committee
  19. Work with a colleague to discuss, observe, and critique a lesson/program
  20. Write professional articles
  21. Take a subject-related technology course
  22. Visit a subject-related bookstore or university library