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Compensation if injured?

If you suffer an occupational injury, report it immediately to your supervisor, usually the vice-principal in charge of health and safety, by completing a WorkSafeBC Form 6A: “WORKER’S REPORT OF INJURY OR OCCUPATIONAL DISEASE TO EMPLOYER”. The injury should also be reported to the site-based Occupational First Aid Attendant prior to leaving the workplace. The first aid book should be completed by the First attendant as per OH&S regulation 3.19. If an initial injury is not immediately reported to WorkSafeBC, the employee will lose entitlement to WCB coverage.

The forms are available at the school or can be downloaded here. On both pages of the Form 6A write the following: “The worker requests a copy of the employer’s report be sent to the Workers’ Compensation Board.” This note is necessary because many school boards, including the VSB, do not forward accident reports unless the employee takes time off work as a result of the accident. You should also make a copy of the Form 6A and forward it to the VSTA office and keep a copy for yourself. If the VSTA is not aware of the injury report, we cannot effectively advocate on your behalf if that becomes necessary.

In addition, you must also complete the WorkSafeBC Form 6: APPLICATION FOR COMPENSATION AND REPORT OF INJURY OR OCCUPATIONAL DISEASE”. Form 6 can be completed online through Teleclaim (see below).

WorkSafeBC – Teleclaim

8:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m., Monday to Friday
1 888 WORKERS, 1 888 967 5377
or #5377 Telus (Rogers & Bell Mobility)

WorkSafeBC has a new claim process (Teleclaim) designed to improve service for workers and employers. The Federation is advising members to use the service, if possible.

The service is now available in all areas of the province.

The Teleclaim process is designed to replace Form 6, which is a worker’s application for compensation when a worker is injured and requires time off work beyond the date of injury.

Use of the Teleclaim system is designed to expedite “action requests.” This cuts the amount of time considerably compared to receiving the form and mailing it back using regular mail.

The telephone interview takes up to an hour and the office hours are from 8:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. In many instances, if you are home from work, you would have the opportunity to take that hour to make the report. In other situations, such as hospitalization, it would not be possible.

Use of Teleclaim to report an injury does not replace the Form 6A: ”WORKER’S REPORT OF INJURY OR OCCUPATIONAL DISEASE TO EMPLOYER.” A teacher is still obliged to complete this form and give it to an employer representative. This form is available online at You must complete Form 6 and 6A.

Use of the Teleclaim system avoids claim suppression on the part of employers. Some employers still allow a Form 6A report to sit on the side of a desk and not deal with it. Law states that an employer must submit a Form 7 “EMPLOYERS REPORT OF INJURY TO WCB” within 72 hours. In the event that this does not happen, the Teleclaim process alerts WorkSafeBC to the incident immediately.

For a graphic description of how WCB claims are filed for BCTF members, click here.

Compensation if injured?