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Tackboard, the VSTA newsletter, is produced and distributed to all secondary teachers on a monthly basis from September to June. The newsletter is designed to meet the needs of the VSTA members; therefore, it contains information on an array of subjects, ranging from the VTF Collective Agreement to the President’s message to current news about the state of public education and its implications for local 39. In addition to our usual paper copies distributed to members, a link to the latest version of Tackboard will be emailed via Campaigner.


IssueDateInformation on
#1OctoberMessage from the office; General Meeting Notice; Check your Junk; Have you Ever...; BC BIPOC Educators' Conference; Federal Election; Current VSB Employee Wellness Discounts; Discounts on Your Smart Phone for VSB Employees; Free Pension Education


IssueDateInformation on
#7JuneMessage from the Office; TQS change of policy; Change of Group Life Insurance Carrier effective July 1, 2019; Post & Fill key dates; Day of Mourning Schools Project; Perspectives on Teaching at a Los Angeles Charter School; VSTA AGM 2019 Report; BC Labour History Walking Tours' App; School Team Elections; Building Understanding for Diversity and Inclusion in our Community; Congrats Retiring Class of 2018-19!
#6MayMessage from the office; VSTA Annual General Meeting; May 1st Raise; Post & Fill; TTOCs & Field Trips; Teacher Regulation Branch Fee; BCTF AGM 2019 Report; Student Climate Strikes; New Teachers: Invitation to Focus Group Participants; May Events; Spring SURT
#5February/MarchMarch Deadlines; Message from the Office; Adding IHTO's emails to contact lists; VSTA Executive Committee 2019-2020; Aboriginal Chair Position; The Annual Teacher Regulation Branch Annual Practice Fee; The Day of Mourning in Schools; Changes to Maternity Leave and our CA; From our TTOC Committee; Tutuorial and Collaboration Time Contractual Obligations; Stand with the Wet'suwet'en; UIP Form; BCTF New Teachers' Conferences; Fair Pharmacare; BCTF Advantage Program; Teachers' Pension Plan BC; VTF Bargaining Team
#4JanuaryHealth and Wellness in the Age of Anxiety; Bargaining; Remedy; Seismic; VSTA General Meeting Report; Black History Month; Know your CA: Leaves; Personal Belongings and Respectful Use of Space; 10 Tips to Handle a Difficult Conversation; Women in Leadership; Moose Hide Campaign; Women's Memorial March
#3DecemberVSTA General Meeting; February 15 Curriculum Implementation Day; School Supply Tax Credit; What exactly is a Grievance?; Why I attended a BCTF AGM; BC Ministry of Education Funding Formula Review and Prevalence Funding Model; Cannabis at the Workplace; Teaching and Tinder; BCTF Online Museum; Pre-Retirement Workshops; The East End Food Co-op
#2November 1VSTA General Meeting; Congratulations Trustees; Welcome to all TTOCs and new hires; Fall SURT Report; Know your Collective Agreement; New Teachers' Induction and Welcome; Get Ready for the Referendum; Remedy; Bargaining Update; SEJ Resource for Teachers; Ed May Social Responsibility Grants
#1September 27Welcome Back!; World Teachers' Day; Retirement Workshops; VSTA SIF; Congrats Jill Polukoshko & Craig Brumwell; Orange Shirt Day; Getting Ready for Bargaining - Teacher Salaries Across Canada; Email Etiquette in the workplace; Vancouver Election - October 20; Referendum on Electoral Reform; Parents asked to withdraw students from FSA; Starling Minds; Back to School teaching resources; Change of Category for Teachers


IssueDateInformation on
#7May-JuneSummer Interview Committee; School Union Team Elections; Wanted: Local Election Contacts; VSTA AGM 2018 Report; Wanted: Workshop Presenters; Bargaining; Grad Requirements; Retiring Class of 2017-18; BC Teachers' Institute on Parliamentary Democracy; BC Labour Heritage Centre
#6AprilVSTA AGM; Checking your class size and composition for the remedy calculation; Post & Fill; Change of Salary Category for Teachers; Spring SURT; BCTF AGM 2018; 2018 VSTA AGM Candidates’ Statements; A message from our TTOC colleagues; Bargaining: Understanding the Local and Provincial Table; Canadian Mental Health Week – May 7-12; Early Retirement Incentive Plan; Free Teachers’ Pension Plan Member Education; The Future of the City We Want – Vancouver Crossroads.
#5February/MarchMarch Deadlines; VSTA Executive Committee 2018-19; Teacher Regulation Branch Annual Fee; Pro-D/Field Trip Opportunity with Board Unbound; BCTF 102nd AGM; Bargaining Preparation for June 2019; Tax Deductible; How BC Votes: 2018 referendum on electoral reform; Salary Grids and the Economic Stability Dividend, Climate Action & Just Transition
#4January 25Message fro the VSTA Office; New Teacher Workshop; Bargaining: Preparation June 30, 2019; General Meeting Report: BCTF AGM and Building Motion; Remedy Q&A; Restored Language & Timetabling; Attendance Management Program; BCTF New Teachers' Conference; Living with Balance; Pharmacare; 28th Annual Women's Memorial March
#3November/DecemberVSTA General Meeting; BCTF AGM 2018 Delegates; Active Citizenship: Teaching for the Core Competencies in Every Class; New Teachers' Workshop; Parental leave rules have changed for EI, but not for our CA; TTOC FYI; School Supply Tax Credit for Teachers; Change of Salary Category for Teachers; What If I Was Wrong; Teacher magazine submissions
#2October 26One Year Anniversary Party; VSTA Executive; Vancouver Technology Education teachers for a Local Specialist Association; New Teacher SURT and New Teacher Induction; Remedy & Calculation; VSTA-SIF Committee Rep Vacancy; Ed May Responsibiity Education Fund Grants; Salary Indemnity Plan
#1September 28VSTA SIF 2017-18 Fees Waived; Do you know your Language?; Retored Language & MOA; Back to school teaching resources for teachers; World Teachers' Day - October 5, 2017; Vancouver By-Election; Super Conference; Change of Salary Category; Call for Workshop Proposals; Educational Leave; TTOCS: Reminders for a new year


IssueDateInformation on
#8June 29Summer Interview Committees; Christy Clark's attempt to cling to power putting start of next school year at risk; Labour Day Celebration; Local Plan Will Stay; Latest updates on education change, the revised curriculum, and assessment; Working and Waiting - Then and Now; VSTA AGM Report; Retirees 2016-17
#7May 4VSTA AGM; All Candidates Meetings; TTOC EI Seminar; BCTF Metro West Zone Recap 2017; Change of Salary Category for Teachers; Spring is Sprung SURT; How is Your Mental Fitness?; VSTA Retirees' Dinner; Retiring this Year Checklist; School Union Team Elections
#6April 6VSTA Annual General Meeting; National Day of Mourning & BC Schools Project; BCTF AGM 2017 Report; MOA - What does this mean for BC teachers?; The International Day of Pink; Year of the Vote; VSTA Executive Committee Member Description; EHB - Local Plan Will Stay; School Visits
#5March 1March Deadlines; Local vs Provincial Extended Health Benefits Plan; Canadian First: The Life of Won Alexander Cumyow; International Women's Day; 2017-The Year of the Election; Retirement Workshops; Early Retirement Incentive Plan (ERIP); Living with Balance
#4January 26What does MOA E09 mean for Vancouver: TTOC News; Vancouver EHB Plan; Indigenous Perspectives - Alliance & Practice; General Meeting Report; Functioning School Committees SURT; Women's Memorial March; Living with Balance; EdCamp Vancouver; BCTF Conference for New Teachers, New TTOCs, and Student Teachers
#3December 12VSTA General Meeting Notice; Economic Stability Dividend, TTOC News; Classroom Teachers Please Note!; Classroom Carol; Student Vote; BCFED launches new election campaign; BCFED convention congratulates BCTF on court win; Why voting matters; Saying Good Bye to Fall as we Slip into Winter; District Snow Day (Pasi Sahlberg); Vancouver teachers Meet and Greet Vancouver MLAs
#2October 27Teachers' Pension Plan; Approaching Retirement Workshop Schedule, Public Rally in Protest; Joint Statement from Former VSB Trustees; Excerpts from Axed by Christy Clark; First Time Victoria Fired the VSB; CTF teacher resource to open discussion on Truth and Reconciliation; Ed May Social Justice Grants; Marcy Toms' response to Pete McMartin's "This is egalitarian Canada, so why should private schools get public money?"
#1September 29SIF Fees Waived & New Membership Suspended; Tackboard; BCTF Online Museum (The Emphasis Has Changed); Executive Committee 2016-17; New Curriculum Update; Education Must Be a Priority; October Meetings; Change of Salary Category; Provincial Specialist Associations; TTOCS: Reminders for a New Year; Educational Leave; Factor 90 or 65 years of age; insert: Professional Boundaries and the Use of Electronic Communication and Social Media


IssueDateInformation on
#7June 29Thanks Sylvia!; No Change to Extended Health Benefits; VSTA AGM Report; Summer Interview Committees; Rally photos; How Did Vancouver end up in this current school closure crisis?; Retirees 2015-16; Finding a constructive approach to yearly renewal; Labour Day Celebration
#6April 28VSTA AGM Notice; CoDev Solidarity Dinner; Curriculum Feedback Survey; School Union Team Elections; BCTF Recommendations for Graduation Requirements Review: March 2016; Retiring This Year? Check list; ERIP for June 2016; VDLC May Day March & Rally
#5March 8March Post & Fill Deadlines; BCTF AGM; Leaves Bookmark; National Day of Mourning & BC Schools Project; Thanks to NID planners; Sanctuary Schools; Early Retirement Incentrive Plan (ERIP); Factor 90 or 65 yrs of age?; Pension Seminars; Photo of Executive Committee
#4January 28Long Range Facilities Plan; Compassionate Care Leave; It's a Go! (Supreme Court of Canada hearing); Curriculum Implementation Days; BCTF Conference for New Teachers, New TTOCS & Student Teachers; Upcoming Pension Seminars; School Visits
#3December 3VSTA General Meeting; VTF General Meeting; SIF fees are now Overdue; BC FED Report; A New Perspective on the Changing Nature of Work; Curriculum Development; Pension Seminars; Fall Rep Assembly; Sick Leave: Use and Abuse; Violence Against BC Teachers Survey
#2October 29TTOC Pro-D: What's in it for You?; The Professional Development Lens; New Curriculum Update; Health & Wellness; Teaching Supports & Teaching Resources; BCTF Pension Consultation Survey; Factor 90 or 65 yrs of age; Selfie Contest Winners; Compensation if injured/WorkSafeBC/Bullying and Harassment
#1September 24Newer Teacher Induction; BCTF Pension Plan Consultations; Federal Election; Why Vote in this Federal Election; Change of Salary Category; Project of Heart; Provincial Specialist Associations; Salary Indemnity Fund Reminder; Educational Leave; TTOS: Reminders for a new year


IssueDateInformation on
#6June 17Debbie's Goodbye; Retiring Teachers; School Union Team Elections; VSTA AGM Report; Special Advisor's Report: Update
#5April 30VSTA AGM; Bill 11-What could it mean for Education in BC; Ayotzinapa to Ottawa Caravan; VBE Attendance Support Program; SURT Collage; First Nations Acknowledgement; Post & Fill; Retring this Year?
#4March 26VSTA AGM Notice; BCTF AGM 2015-Brief Overview; Transit Plebiscite; Fight for 15; Day of Mourning; Early Retirement Incentive; TeachBC; Factor 90 or 65 yrs of age?
#3February 6VTF General Meeting Notice - School Calendar; The picture in Vancouver Schools; EHB: Where are we now?; VSTA Delegation to BCTF AGM; "Campaigner"; Public Education Funding: Is thinking finally beginning to shift?' Upcoming Pension Seminars; FIGHT for 15; VDLC Int'l Women's Day 2015
#2December 5VSTA General Meeting; A personal reflection on Job Action; SIF fees are now Overdue; Municipal Election; BC FED Convention; Letters of Expectation Grievance Resolve; Letters of Discipline and Personnel Files; TeachBC; Upcoming Pension Seminars; VSTA Executive; Compensation if injured - Worksafe BC.
#1October 30VTF General Meeting Notice; Hello to all the teachers I know (anonymous parent); Change of Salary Category for Teachers; Educational Leave; Election 2014: Looking back to inform our moving forward; Vancouver Voting Info; Ed May Social Justice Grants; Early Retirement Incentive Plan (ERIP); Pension Seminars; Factor 90 or 65 yrs of age.


IssueDateInformation on
#6April 24VSTA Annual General Meeting Notice; ERIP; Post & Fill; Day of Mourning; Factor 90 or 65 years of age?; Letter to Premier Clark and Education Minister Fassbender; Mandatory Group Life Insurance; May Day Rally; BCTF AGM
#5March 10March Deadlines; VSTA Annual General Meeting notice; What was gained?; How might my pension be impacted by a strike?
#4January 30VTF General Meeting Notice; Nurturing the Love of Teaching; Teacher Mentorship; VSTA Delegates to BCTF AGM; Residential Schools & Reconciliation Workshops; Factor 90 or 65 yrs of age?; Did you know (Maternity Leave); Thank a Postal Worker; 2013-14 Class Size & Composition; A World Without Violence; MyBCTF; Contact Info Reminder; Pension Seminars; Celebrating Women (VDLC)
#3December 9General Meeting Notice; Sadly....BC is #1 Again!; School Planning Councils; Did You Know?; Curriculum Update; Executive Committee Vacancies; Pension Seminars; Teacher Mentorship Workshop; New Teachers Workshop
#2October 31Bring Your Own Technology; Health & Safety Updates; A Race to the Bottom (CLC); Educational Leave; Ed May Social Justice Grants; ERIP; Pension Seminars
#1September 26Sick Leave: Use & Abuse; Factor 90 or 65 yrs of age?; PSAs; Truth & Reconciliation: A new way forward; SURT; Change of Salary Category Application Process; Lockouts in your own backyard; SIF


IssueDateInformation on
#6June 7, 2013School Team Elections; Summer Interview Committees; VSTA AGM Report; Voice of BC; Ten Years is No Deal; Teachers' Right to Freedom of Expression Upheld; Public Education Advocacy; Retirement Checklist; Retirees' Dinner; VSTA Scholarship Winners; Ride, Don't Hide
#5April 25, 2013AGM Notice; Post & Fill; Factor 90 of 65 yers of age?; Early Retirement Incentive Plan; Letl's Make Public Education an Election Issue; Bereavement Leave Retroactivity; BCTF AGM, My First AGM; VSTA Scholarships, May Day March
#4February 6, 2013Union Advantage; Every Teacher Project; Women's Memorial March; 88 and Out; February: Bargaining Rights; Winter 2013 RA; Pension Seminars; VDLC Celebrating Women; Delegates to BCTF AGM; New Teachers & Student Teachers Conference
#3December 10, 2012Letters of Expectation; Letters of Discipline; Increase to Teachers' Pension Contributions; Child Poverty; Pension Seminars; BCFED Convention Report; Justice, Not Charity; SIF Reminder
#2October 25, 2012WCB ruling on teachers vs students' games; Ed May Social Justice Grants; UBC Toddler Nutrition Study; SIF Reminder; Improvements to Leave Provisions; ERIP; Ed Leave Opportunities & Deadlines
#1September 27, 2012General Meeting Notice, How I find Joy in teaching, SURT, Compensation if injured, Local and Provincial Bargaining, Class Size/Composition Update