As the first Chair of the Indigenous Education Committee, I would like to ensure that the committee is established and developed with strong roots to do the important work in the future. – Spirit Lavallee
Secondary teachers who identify as Indigenous are invited to a Focus Group to work together and share how this committee can best serve Indigenous educators and to further improve Indigenous education for our students. Participation in this Focus Group does not require a long term commitment to the Committee, at this point we are wanting to work with Indigenous educators to create the roots and the direction for the committee.
At this point, participation in the development portion of this committee will be open solely to those who identify as Indigenous. Representation in the committee will be revisited and discussed in the planning sessions – stay tuned for more information.

Goals and discussion Items for the first meeting:

  • Establishing Terms of Reference
  • Goals/Mandate for the Committee
  • Establishing a safe place/community agreement
  • Experiences in the VSB – barriers and positive changes
  • How to work with allies
  • How we will meet for future meetings
  • Other concerns and issues

Work that this Committee may focus on in the long run:

  • Connecting with indigenous teachers in our district
  • Addressing lived experiences in our district and schools
  • Take up space for our perspectives and stories
  • Provide a safe space for Indigenous teachers to voice their concerns
  • To advocate for equitable employment representation in our district
  • To advocate for our indigenous students’’ experiences, and remove barriers
  • Advocate for indigenous curriculum content and ways of learning
  • Ensure indigenous representation in curriculum for all students.

If you identify as Indigenous and would like to participate in the first planning session please complete this survey, and if you have questions feel free to email Spirit at