Teachers have professional autonomy over their own professional development, both collectively and individual; however, teachers are accountable for using their Pro-D time responsibly. The VBE and the VTF (both VSTA and VESTA), have agreed to the following principles regarding self-directed professional development:

  1. That Self-Directed Pro-D plays a valuable role in the full complement of a teacher’s professional development.
  2. That teachers have a professional responsibility to plan their own self-directed Pro-D.
  3. That a written plan should be submitted to the school Pro-D committee in advance of the Pro-D day (timeline to be determined by the school Pro-D committee). This assists the school Pro-D committee in planning.
  4. That the Administrator, as a member of the school Pro-D committee, has access to teacher’s self-directed plans.

The Administrator may view teacher’s Self-Directed Pro-D plans, however, the Administrator is not to approve, or evaluate these plans.

Self-Directed Pro-D plans should be kept in confidence by the school Pro-D committee.

School Administrators do have the right to know the whereabouts of teachers on Pro-D days.

Administrators do not have the authority to direct or control a teacher’s professional development activities.

Administrators do have one Administrative Day per year when they are able to plan the Pro-D activities for their school staff, and staff are required to attend. Should a teacher wish to attend a different Pro-D activity on this day, they should discuss this with the Administration prior to the activity.

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