In your collective agreement is a discipline process to be followed by the employer if they believe you have acted in a manner deserving of discipline. At all times throughout this process you have the right to union representation. There is a union representative at each workplace to assist with concerns. In any case, the VSTA office should always be notified immediately.

If you are contacted by an administrator, the RCMP, or Family Services regarding allegations against you:

  • Do not consent to or participate in an interview that could be, or is, disciplinary without a union representative.
  • Do not make a statement to anyone regarding allegations or charges; instead say “I am writing to cooperate but I am unable to do so until I can contact the local or the BCTF.”

If a complaint is made against you to the Teacher Regulation Branch, the BCTF provides legal assistance. Contact the VSTA office for help with this too.

Section C Employment Rights
4. Reports/Complaints
  a. With the exception of allegations of disciplinable conduct, an employee who wishes to express a concern about the professional performance of a teacher teaching on call, must first communicate the concern to the teacher teaching on call within seven (7) days of becoming aware of the concern. He/she may refer the matter to the Principal only after informing the teacher teaching on call of the concerns as above.
  b. Any Principal who has a concern about the work of a teacher teaching on call, or has had a concern referred to him/her pursuant to Clause a. above, shall follow the procedures listed below:
    i. The Principal shall verbally inform the teacher teaching on call that he/she wishes to discuss the teacher teaching on call’s work and that the teacher teaching on call has the right to be accompanied by a VTF representative when the Principal’s concerns are discussed.
    ii. If, during the discussion referred to in Clause i. above, it arises that there is a possibility that the matter may proceed under the provisions of Clause 6. below or Article C.22.6. the Principal shall end the discussion immediately.
    iii. If the matter proceeds under Clause 6. below or Article C.22.6., all statements and information gathered in the discussion pursuant to Clause b.i. above shall be inadmissible.
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