Occasionally, teachers are disciplined by their employer. The VSTA is here to ensure that a fair process is followed and that you have union representation every step of the way. At the school level, Staff Reps are available to support you if an administrator asks to speak to you about your teaching performance. If a Staff Rep has not been invited to meet with you and the administrator, it is your right to ask for one. Please reach out to the VSTA immediately if an administrator has asked to speak to you and it has felt disciplinary.

If you are contacted by an administrator, the RCMP, or Family Services regarding allegations against you:

  • Do not consent to or participate in an interview that could be, or is, disciplinary without a union representative.
  • Do not make a statement to anyone regarding allegations or charges; instead say “I am willing to cooperate, but I am unable to do so until I can contact the VSTA or the BCTF.”

If a complaint is made against you to the Teacher Regulation Branch, the BCTF provides legal assistance. The VSTA is here to support you in this process.