• Try to arrive at least 15 minutes in advance of the first bell.
  • Check in at the office for information and keys.
  • Orient yourself to the building and introduce yourself to staff. Find the medical room, staff room, gym, fire exits and emergency procedures manual. Ask for a safe place to store your valuables (purse, wallet).
  • Locate the teacher’s daybook and go over the day’s lesson plan.
  • Verify the absentee procedures with the office, telephone slips (where used), materials (text and worksheets), and seating plan.
  • Find the copy machine code, teacher supply room, and supervision schedule.
  • Run off any material needed.
  • Put up any board work assignments.
  • Write your name on the board (and a special message/greeting if you wish).
  • If audio-visual material is to be used during a lesson, double check to make sure the necessary equipment has been signed out at the school and that it works.
  • Plan your introduction. Check on class opening exercises. If there are uncertainties about directions or you have questions about materials, ask a neighbouring teacher.
  • Ask about attending meetings (staff, committees).
  • Ask about medical alert, custody orders, medical order and anything that might impact the health and safety of students and staff.
  • Taking Attendance:  The office should provide a School Board supplied iPad.  If not, take attendance and deliver it to the administration.   DO NOT leave for the teacher to do upon return. Please contact VSTA if there is a problem. Link to My Education BC (
  • Leave a detailed history of the day.
  • Mark the day’s work and leave a plan for the next day.

Other responsibilities

Make sure you know the following procedures prior to starting your day. In a crisis, you may not have the time.

  • Any injuries or medical emergencies must be reported to the administrator immediately.
  • Follow-up on any student sent to the office.
  • If a student appears to be seriously injured, do not move him/her.
  • Students who indicate they are ill and wish to go home during the day must be approval from the office.

Fire drills of emergencies

  • Check the fire/drill regulations for the classroom.
  • Remember to carry the class list with you during an alarm.
  • Take the class outside.
  • When outside, account for all students.
  • Remain outside until the all-clear signal is given.