1. In this Article, “vacancy” shall be defined as a position which the Board intends to fill and has not filled through a reassignment. Such vacancy may be:
  a. A newly created position; or
  b. An existing position, vacated by an incumbent on a continuing contract.
2. When the Board becomes aware that a position will be vacant for longer than three (3) consecutive months in a school year it shall immediately post the position for seven (7) calendar days at the Union and Area Offices and concurrently at all worksites. Each posting shall describe the term, general nature and location of the assignment(s) and shall include the process and deadline for application.
3. Employees may apply for posted positions on the following basis:
  a. Candidacy for positions which will be vacant for one (1) year or longer shall be open to all employees in the District, subject to the provision of Clause 18. below.
  b. Candidacy for positions which will be vacant for more than three (3) consecutive months in a school year shall be open only to employees returning from leave, teachers teaching on call, and employees holding positions which will terminate prior to the starting date of the posted position. If no qualified applicant applies, the Board may hire from outside the District.
4. Other than for Clause 3.b above, applicants will be interviewed and offered positions in the following order:
  Category (A) Principals/Vice-Principals returning to teaching, those returning from VTF, BCTF and C.T.F. leave, subject to the provisions of Article G.21.30.f.
  Category (B) Board-initiated transfers, employees surplus to a school, employees committed to a transfer, employees returning from leave except for sick leave as outlined in Article G.20.4.a.ii., or part-time employees seeking full-time assignment.
  Category (C) Employees with continuing contracts other than those mentioned in Clauses a. and b. above.
  Category (D) Employees on the recall list.
  Category (E) Employees on temporary contract who are recommended for retention in the District by their Principal/Vice-Principal/Supervisor.
  Category (F) Employees hired by the Board.
5. An outside applicant maintains his/her category (F) status pursuant to Article E.21.4. until the applicant’s continuing assignment begins.
6. Applicants from a lower priority group will not be interviewed unless there is no applicant from a higher group who meets the requirements for the position as listed in the posting.
7. It is understood the vacancy may be modified prior to posting as the result of reorganization within the school. It is also understood the vacancy being filled may be modified prior to filling due to enrolment/program changes.
8. Employees who are working as and wish to transfer as a job-share team shall be permitted to apply and transfer as a team.
9. In each of the groups defined in Clause 4. above, when two (2) or more employees have relatively equal qualifications (including teaching experience and suitability to the particular position), the position shall be offered to theapplicant with the greater/greatest seniority. In the case of employees applying as a team, the seniority shall be calculated by averaging the partners’ seniority.
10. By February 15 each year the process and time deadlines for voluntary employee transfers will be published in the bulletin.
11. Employees will be given the opportunity to be interviewed by a Human Resources Manager concerning their goals and qualifications.
12. Subsequent to the interview referred to in Clause 11. above, an employee who commits to a transfer shall inform the Human Resources Division in writing by March 15 of each school year. His/her position will then be considered vacant for the purpose of posting.
13. An employee committed to a transfer as referred to in Article E.21.4. shall not be permitted, in the same school year, to apply back to his/her former position or to essentially the same position as the employee’s former position at his/her previous worksite.
14. Interviews will be conducted by a committee composed of the administrator(s) and employee(s) from the staff of the school.
15. Offers made will be accepted or rejected within twenty-four (24) hours. An employee who has accepted a position shall not be eligible to participate in this process until the subsequent school year without the agreement of the Associate Superintendent – Human Resources or designate.
16. The Board will endeavour to inform all applicants who were interviewed within one (1) working day of the position having been filled. All applicants shall be so informed within two (2) working days. A Principal/Vice-Principal shall, upon request, provide verbal reasons for the committee’s decision to any unsuccessful applicants.
17. After June 15 of each school year, all placements will be made and individuals informed of such by the Human Resources Division. For individuals who do not have an assignment, the provisions of Clause 4. above shall apply.
18. When a permanent vacancy as defined in Clause 1. above is posted during the school year, the successful applicant shall fill the position at the beginning of the next school year. With the approval of the Associate Superintendent – Human Resources, for educationally sound reasons, the position may be filled either immediately or at the next natural break as determined by the parties.