Reporting absences

  • Leave a dated slip of paper for lates and absences (afternoon and morning).
  • Check the roll call with the school’s absence List.
  • Do not circulate a “sign-in” sheet.  Use MyEdBC and /or class list.  If attendance can’t be entered on MyEdBC, take attendance and deliver it to the administration.  DO NOT leave for the teacher to do upon return.  Please contact the VSTA if there is a problem.

Reporting on the day

  • Follow as closely as possible the teacher’s normal procedures, and teach the work planned by the regular teacher.
  • Make note of any deviations from or extensions to the regular day plan.
  • Indicate in the daybook what work has been completed.

Marking student work

  • Written work should be marked, particularly if it is objective.
  • If you feel some marking cannot be done because of its complexity or subjectivity, leave it for the teacher with an accompanying note.

Report on concerns of making recommendations and/or suggestions

  • When reporting, include any specific items of concern or interest. Include the names of students who were cooperative/uncooperative.
  • Single out students for praise.

Planning for the next day

  • Whenever possible, prepare a daybook for the next day’s work, unless directed otherwise by the teacher.
  • Include comments or suggestions on following up from the day’s work and feedback for the regular teacher class and individual progress.
  • Communicate with your colleague and leave your phone number.

Finishing off your day

  • Allow things to wind down a few minutes early to tidy up and put things away.
  • You may wish to play a game or other fun activity to finish off the day.
  • Thank the students for their cooperation – you’ll tell their teacher how cooperative they were.

The Practice of Teaching – BCTF Handbook for New Teachers and TTOCs

This handbook contains information on the history of the Federation and on a variety of practical topics, such as classroom management, reporting requirements, working with parents, and sources of help for new teachers and TTOCs.

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