3. Teacher Teaching on Call
  a. A teacher teaching on call shall accumulate seniority for days of service which are paid pursuant to Article B.2.6.
  b. For the purpose of calculating seniority credit:
    i. Service as a teacher teaching on call shall be credited:
      1. one half (1/2) day for up to one half (1/2) day worked;
      2. one (1) day for greater than one half (1/2) day worked up to one (1) day worked.
    ii. Nineteen (19) days worked shall be equivalent to one (1) month;
    iii. One hundred and eighty-nine (189) days shall be equivalent to one (1) year.
  c. Seniority accumulated pursuant to Article C.2.3.a and C.2.3.b, shall be included as aggregate service with the employer when a determination is made in accordance with Article C.2.1.
4. An employee on a temporary or term contract shall accumulate seniority for all days of service on a temporary or term contract.
5. No employee shall accumulate more than one (1) year of seniority credit in any school year.
6. Any provision in the Previous Collective Agreement which provides a superior accumulation and/or application of seniority than that which is provided pursuant to this article, shall remain part of the Collective Agreement.
Note: The provisions of this Article supersede and replace all previous provisions which are inferior to this article.11.  POSTING & FILLING VACANCIES