SFE calls out based on the rankings each person enters in for each section.


2 1 Year Full-Time Teaching Contract / Practicum Teaching Concentration / Education Diploma
At least 1 year Full-Time Contracted Teaching Experience, 6 week Full Time Teaching Practicum, or education Diploma.
3 Contracted Teaching Experience
Taught under contract (more than 3 months and less than 1 year full-time) either for the Vancouver School Board or other school boards (Employee on Call work is NOT valid.
4 Willing to be an Employee-On-Call in this area
Are willing to substitute in this subject area, and do short-term planning if necessary.

Permanent TOCs (EOCs):
Permanent TOCs are those in the ‘B’ category band with the Vancouver School Board and are therefore entitled to be called out first. This call-out preference is contingent on the permanent TOC having an equal (or higher) SFE ranking than all other TOCs. Permanent TOCs will not be called out for a position they are not qualified for unless there is no qualified teacher available.

Changing Rankings:
Each TOC is allowed 20 areas where they can give a ranking of 2, 3, or 4. To change one of their areas for a higher ranking, documentation of this must be sent to Human Resources. Each summer, HR will mail out the TOC ranking sheet to allow TOCs to change their ranking if they desire.

Dispatch Procedure:
TOCs who want to work regularly will be called first on SFE. This will provide TOCs more work and allow them to choose to work in just one district.  Call-out will be based on qualifications.

REGULAR:  TOCs available to work regularly between 120-185 days per year.
CASUAL:  TOCs available to work between 60-120 days per year.

Why am I working less than other TOCs?

A common question among TOCs is how much are you working. The following factors decide how often you will work:

Time of year – certain times of the year are generally slow as there are fewer days off due to sickness or other events that determine teacher coverage. September, January, and June are often the slowest months for TOCs. Busier periods tend to be during the flu season or days with a higher number of field trips or workshops.

Your subject area. As long as you answer the phone call when it comes, you should receive the same amount of work as someone with the same qualifications. For any subject area, the greater the ratio of TOCs to teachers in the system, the less work there is. Often TOCs in specialty subjects or areas in demand will receive more calls (French, Spanish, Tech Education, Physics, etc).

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