February School Visits

​The In-House Table Officers will be visiting schools in the first two weeks in February during the lunch break to provide an update on the BCTF Rep Assembly & Bargaining. All VSTA members are welcome!

BRITANNIA (M)     FEB 3 Shannon Less Library Terry
BYNG (M)     FEB 3 Shelby Calman Library Katharine
CHURCHILL (M)     FEB 3 Karla Smedley Staff Room Treena
GLADSTONE (W)     FEB 5 Lisa Pacheco Library Katharine
HAMBER (Tu)    FEB 4 Bal Panesar Staff Room Terry
JOHN OLIVER (Tu)    FEB 4 Sandra Birkenhead Staff Room Treena
KILLARNEY (M)     FEB 10 Madeline Brewster A-Wing Staff Room Katharine
KING GEORGE (Th)    FEB 6 Matt Sinclair Staff Room Treena
KITSILANO (F)       FEB 7 Petr Pospisil Library Treena
MAGEE (W)     FEB 5 Tina Quan Staff Room Terry
POINT GREY (M)     FEB 10 Stacey Yip Staff Room Treena
PRINCE OF WALES (Tu)    FEB 11 Carmen Schaedeli Library Treena
SET BC (Th)    FEB 13 Kamelia Dousti   Treena
TEMPLETON (W)     FEB 12 Mike Hengeveld 2nd Fl Staff Room Treena
THOMPSON (F)       FEB 7 Damon Stoelting Staff Room Terry
TUPPER (W)     FEB 12 Joe Lee Library Katharine
UNIVERSITY HILL (Tu)    FEB 11 Rob Bordon Room 2A4 Katharine
VAN TECH (M)     FEB 10 Nigel Reedman Staff Room Terry
WINDERMERE (Tu)    FEB 11 Lorraine Breton Staff Room Terry

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Equity Audit Survey

Equity Audit Survey

Your responses will help us to develop plans for greater equity and inclusion in the engagement, leadership and work of the local. The survey will close on April 26, 2024.

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