Collective Agreement

Your Collective Agreement is the basis of your employee-employer relationship with the school board. It defines:

  • your rights
  • the union’s rights
  • the board’s rights
  • definitions
  • basic procedures for the sides to follow regarding issues such as assignments, filing a grievance, harassment, salary scales, seniority, rates of pay, your personnel file, evaluation procedures, supervision, and preparation time.

The 2013-2019 Provincial and Local Matters Collective Agreement is the most recent melded agreement we currently have access to. We hope to have a fully melded agreement in place soon; in the meantime, we suggest starting with the 2013-2019 Collective Agreement and then checking the 2019-2022 and the 2022-20225 Local and Provincial Agreements to see if there are changes to the specific article you are reviewing.  Lou No.17 contains the language that was restored to our CA in 2019.


LOU No. 17 – Memorandum of Agreement – Schedule A – School District No. 39 (Vancouver)
When the SCC decision came down in November 10, 2016, Letter of Understanding (LOU) #17 was triggered which meant that the parties had to sit down and negotiate the restoration of our language.

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