About Us

The Vancouver Secondary Teachers’ Association (VSTA Local 39-2) is a sub-local of the BC Teachers’ Federation (BCTF). We share a Collective Agreement with the Vancouver Elementary and Adult Educators’ Society (VEAES Local 39-1) and collectively, we are known as the Vancouver Teachers’ Federation (VTF). The primary role of the VSTA is to uphold the Collective Agreement and to provide representation of member concerns to the Employer.

At the Local level, there are three In-House Table Officers (IHTOs) and two staff to support members. At the school level, there is a School Union Team comprised of Staff Reps, Health & Safety Reps, Professional Development Reps, Working/Learning & Bargaining Reps, Technology Reps, and Social & Environmental Justice Reps. Staff Reps meet monthly and comprise the VSTA Council. Executive members meet monthly to oversee governance of the VSTA and to advise on VSTA positions in relation to the Employer.

VSTA Goals

To foster and advocate for the cause of public education and the welfare of the Vancouver Secondary Teachers’ Association by:

  1. Advocating for a strong, adequately funded public education system.
  2. Upholding the rights of children to receive equitable opportunities in education.
  3. Highlighting the professional status of teachers.
  4. Promoting the professional development of teachers.
  5. Providing leadership in the advancement of social and environmental justice.