Maternity, Parental and Parenthood Leaves

are available to contracted employees of the Vancouver School Board.

When and how do I apply?
  • Apply in writing to VSB Human Resources at least 4 weeks prior to the expected delivery of your child.
  • Your letter must be accompanied by a certificate from a duly qualified medical practitioner and include commencement date of the leave (as decided by the employee and physician).
  • Contact your local employment insurance office to obtain the benefits information and application form or apply online. EI maternity and parental benefits: What these benefits offer – Canada.ca
  • Two weeks prior to the start date of maternity leave, contact VSB Payroll for your Record of Employment and Supplementary Unemployment Benefits Plan (SUB).
    If the birth of your baby occurs prior to the intended commencement date, contact Human Resources immediately (maternity leave must begin no later than the date of birth).
How long do I have for Maternity Leave?

The total “maternity leave period” is 16 weeks. You will receive 100% of your salary from the VSB for the first week (the usual EI waiting period). The VSB will then pay the ‘top up’ (the difference between your salary and EI benefits) for 15 weeks. The 17th week you will only receive EI Benefits.

How do I apply for Parental Leave?

As soon as you know, write to VSB Human Resources to extend your leave (in accordance with Article G.21.24. Parenthood Leave). This should be done prior to the end of your maternity leave period. You are now eligible for a total of up to 1 full year maternity/parental leave with EI benefits.

You may extend your leave without pay by applying to the VSB for Parenthood Leave as per Article G.21.25 of the Collective Agreement.  You may not be able to maintain your site based rights if your total Maternity/Parental/Parenthood leave is over a year. See below.

How do I apply for Parenthood Leave?

Teachers have the option of extending their leave to the next “natural break” (Spring, Winter or Summer break) without giving up their position at their own school by going on Parenthood Leave (unpaid) once their year of Parental Leave (paid) expires. Teachers can also apply for up to three full years of Parenthood Leave – but they would give up their site-based rights and apply for postings at the end of their leave. Whether extending leave or returning to work, it is expected that they will notify the Leaves Clerk of their decision as early as possible, but NO LATER than two weeks prior to the expiry of their Parental Leave.

All employees have the option of applying for unpaid Parenthood Leave of up to three years. This is in addition to any short-term parenthood leave taken in order to extend a leave to the next “natural break” (Spring, Winter, Summer break). Usually teachers apply for one year at a time, which can be extended as necessary.

It is critical that Human Resources is advised of teachers’ intention to return to work by March 31st of the year in which they intend to return (including the following January). If they do not do so, they will be considered to have resigned from the VSB.

What about benefits?

Medical, dental and life insurance shall be maintained by the Board. Check the BCTF website for Pension information. Purchasing the time back is always cost effective.

Does this affect my seniority?

Maternity Leave shall be counted for salary purposes as service with the Board.

What position will I have when I return from Maternity/Parental leave?

You maintain your right to your current (or comparable) position at your school for the 1 year period, unless you decide otherwise. If, however, there are only 6 weeks or less remaining in the school term, the VSB may decide that a change in employee may be disruptive and they may extend your leave (without pay) until the end of the term to re-assign you temporarily to complete the term.

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