Salary Indemnity Fund (SIF)

What is it?

As a member of the VSTA-SIF, effective after depletion of your sick leave, you may be eligible to a top-up payment to your BCTF salary indemnity which would then equal 65% of your gross salary.



The daily benefit is 15% of the member’s daily salary on the last day of paid sick leave and is paid for a maximum of 120 days after the expiration of paid sick leave. Benefits attributed to any one type of illness or injury for which benefits were first approved after September 1, 2018, even though the absence occurs in more than one year, shall be paid for a maximum of 120 days. (2019-05-14, AGM)

To ascertain if you are a member of the Fund or for any other questions, please contact Kim at the VSTA office directly at


Fees Permanently Waived

As a result of motions passed at the 2017 VSTA AGM the Fund is a closed fund with membership restricted to the active members of the fund on May 16, 2017.  They will remain members until they retire, terminate employment or the VSTA-SIF is exhausted of funds. No annual fees are required as fees have been permanently waived.