Professional Development Opportunity – Decentering Whiteness

The VSTA continues to commit to creating opportunities that will engage our members in conversation that will challenge racism. Please consider the professional development opportunity described below. The VSTA will be providing the meeting location for a few of these upcoming sessions.  Thank you to George Kanavos, Magee Counsellor for your work to move this idea to reality.

Decentering Whiteness: An Anti-Racism Institute

This 6 session institute offered through the UBC Faculty of Education, Professional Development and Community Engagement will be led by George Kanavos (Counsellor, Byng) and Andrew Schofield (Principal, Magee) who, as white male settlers, hope to explore the theoretical and organizational aspects of anti-racist work to surface our own racist practices and work towards unlearning these, and contribute to building an anti-racist and safe learning environment for our colleagues and students. These sessions will be thematically structured and work off of foundational texts as well as music, art, and film and will included face to face and remote learning, plenary and group discussions.

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