VSTA General Meeting Report

January 26, 2022

Delegates to the BCTF AGM

In addition to our three Local Reps (Nikitha Fester, Carmen Schaedeli, and Jonathan Wynn) we elected sixteen delegates who will attend the virtual BCTF AGM this March 19-22 and represent Vancouver Secondary teachers’ voice at the provincial table. A HUGE thank you to the dedicated teachers who were willing to put their names forward and volunteer their time in the middle of this year’s spring break to participate.

Thanks Delegates!

Jelana Bighorn, Russell Cripps, Lindsay Donaldson, Treena Goolieff, Shannon Less, Sylvia Metzner, Sarah Ng, Roderick Ofreneo, Tina Quan, Nigel Reedman, Alyssa Reid, Katharine Shipley, John Silver, Terry Stanway, Jesse Taylor, Kathryn Walks and Alternates Preet Lidder, Irving Lau.

VSTA/VESTA Building Update

The general meeting also approved THAT VESTA and VSTA vacate their offices at 2915 Commercial Drive and re-locate by August 31, 2022.

THANK YOU to all members who attended the General Meeting!

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National Indigenous History Month!

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