Winter SURT for School Union Teams – March 12th 2024

Winter SURT for School Union Teams
9am – 3pm, VSTA office

VSTA is providing one day of release to give School Union Teams the opportunity for team building. The day will be divided between the BCTF facilitated workshop, Engaging, Inclusive, and Productive Meetings, and time for teams to work together collaboratively
with issues that are site-specific.

The BCTF workshop will help participants to understand the rules and conventions of meetings. They will also learn about how participation in decision-making can be made more inclusive, and the importance of meaningful territorial acknowledgments. Content includes the rules of order, inclusive meeting norms, agenda setting, principles of parliamentary process, preparing for and running successful meetings, as well as, tips on chairing, motions and minutes.

Please meet with your team to choose the preferred training date. Each training day is open to the first 6 sites that register a minimum of 5 Union Team members and a maximum of 7 Union Team members.
Breakfast and Lunch will be provided.

To register use the link or scan the QR code below:

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