VSTA Connect – March 11, 2022

March 11, 2022
Dear Colleagues,
Everyone take a collective breath: we have finally made it to spring break.  We hope that you can get away from the classroom and find quality relaxation in the things you enjoy.  Whether that is returning to a hobby or a special project, going on that long-awaited vacation, or just enjoying quiet time at home we hope that you find the utmost enjoyment in the next couple of weeks.
Deadlines for Spring Transfer March 15– April 18
For the full Spring 2022 Timeline, visit the VSB SharePoint and search “Spring 2022 Timeline”.  You can also ask your site-based admin for a copy of the timeline.  Special note, the deadline for committing to transfer takes place on the first Tuesday of spring break. Also, a reminder that the B category that used to give teachers who committed to transfer an advantage in the post and fill process has been retired.


March 15 – before 4:30 pm Deadline for employees who commit to a transfer (vacate card) as per E.21.12
March 31 – before 4:30 pm Teachers returning from leave must notify HR, in writing, of intent to return to work for September 2022
March 31 – by 4:30 pm

Part-time teachers wishing to increase their FTE at their current school must notify their principals using Request for Increase/Change in Teaching time for desired FTE for 2022 September; a copy of the form (with both teacher and administrator signatures) MUST be received in HR before 4:30pm on March 31st

Please note that for the 2021/2022 year, the Letter of Understanding between the VTF/VSB waiving the timelines of the Collective Agreement continues for one more year, so the deadline of March 31st is not required (although helpful for ES in determining FTE requested).

Important Note! If there are layoffs, employees will not be able to increase their teaching time as per Article C.20.3.c

March 31 – by 4:30 pm Deadline for applications of leave of one year or longer beginning 2022 September
April 12 – 18 Department Head postings (Secondary) open on OAM
April 18 onwards Interviews and offers for Department Head (Secondary) vacancies only

Thank you to the BCTF AGM Delegates

A big thank you to the BCTF AGM Delegates and the Alternates who have committed to attending the virtual Annual General Meeting of the BCTF from March 19-22.  We hope you all have an engaging and meaningful meeting.

The delegation to the 2022 BCTF AGM include our Local Reps: Nikitha Fester, Carmen Schaedeli and Jonathan Wynn along with the elected members:

Jelana Bighorn, VT          
Russell Cripps, PW         
Lindsay Donaldson, VT 
Treena Goolieff, VSTA   
Shannon Less, BRIT         
Sylvia Metzner, TTOC   
Sarah Ng, BRIT 
Roderick Ofreneo, VT   
Tina Quan, MGEE           
Nigel Reedman, VT         
Alyssa Reid, VSTA           
Katharine Shipley, DIST
John Silver, JO 
Terry Stanway, VSTA     
Jesse Taylor, MGEE         
Kathryn Walks, JO           
Preet Lidder, WIND (Alternate)
Irving Lau, JO (Alternate)

VSTA General Meeting


VSTA General Meeting – Tuesday, March 29 via Zoom
A General Meeting will be held on March 29 at 4:00pm.  The meeting has been called in response to a petition by members who desire further discussions regarding the impact of the Britannia Poster Removal. The meeting is also required to decide whether to proceed on an offer made by the VSTA to purchase of an alternate office space at 6th and Cambie.  The VSTA office must relocate by August 2022 to accommodate the ongoing redevelopment project of the Commercial and 13th building. Advance registration is required. Click here to register.



In Solidarity,
Treena, Terry, and Alyssa
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