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May 9, 2019

The BCTF Bargaining Team needs your help

With only seven weeks to go until the end of the school year and the expiration of our current collective agreement, your provincial bargaining team needs your help. We need to take action now, so we don’t have to escalate later.

The Bargaining Team needs you to email your local NDP MLA and ask them to get the current demands for concessions off the table and increase the funding available to get a deal.

If you don’t have an NDP MLA, you can email the Premier.

Currently, the BC Public School Employers’ Association has made proposals that would undo our court win on class size, composition, and specialist staffing ratios. This would mean layoffs in more than half of BC’s school districts.

The specifics are still confidential, but members can access them by reading the bargaining updates on the MyBCTF portal.

If we’re going to get good deal by the end of June, the Bargaining Team needs your help to convince MLAs to pressure their team to change course and increase the funding.

There’s a simple online form ready for you to send that email. It’s loaded up and ready to go with a standard message. You can also add your own story before hitting “send.” The Minister of Education and the Minister of Finance will be copied on your email as well.

Let’s show this government that teachers stand behind our Bargaining Team.

Send the email today and let’s get those concessions off the table!

Glen Hansman
BCTF President

Helpful resources for meeting with your MLA:

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