2SLGBTQIA+ is an acronym that stands for Two-Spirit, Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, Queer or Questioning, Intersex, Asexual, and additional sexual orientations and gender identities.

Please note: All members who identify as 2SLGBTQ+ (including questioning) are welcome to join the 2SLGBTQ+ Educators Committee!

February 24 – Pink Shirt Day

“David Shepherd, Travis Price and their teenage friends organized a high-school protest to wear pink in sympathy with a Grade 9 boy who was being bullied [for wearing a pink shirt]…[They] took a stand against bullying when they protested against the harassment of a new Grade 9 student by distributing pink T-shirts to all the boys in their school. – See more at: What is Pink Shirt Day?

April 14 – International Day of Pink 

April 14, 2021 marks the International Day of Pink. It is a day where communities across the country, and across the world, can unite in celebrating diversity and raising awareness to stop homophobia, transphobia, transmisogyny, and all forms of bullying.

The International Day of Pink got its start in Nova Scotia when two straight high school students saw a gay student wearing a pink shirt being bullied. The two students intervened, but wanted to do more to prevent homophobic and transphobic bullying. They decided to purchase pink shirts, and a few days later got everyone at school to stand in solidarity by showing up in pink. The result was that an entire school came together to stop homophobic and transphobic bullying. 

People wear pink on these days to remember that positive actions make a difference, and each one of us can make positive change to end bullying. Homophobic and transphobic bullying have not always been addressed as widely as other forms of bullying, but change is possible.

Check the BCTF website for a list of resources.

May 17 – International Day Against Homophobia, Transphobia and Biphobia

The World Health Organization (WHO) removed homosexuality from the list of mental disorders on May 17, 1990. In 2003, Fondation Émergence created the first national day against homophobia, which expanded to the international level in 2006. Finally, in 2014, Fondation Émergence added “transphobia” to the name of the day. Every year, the campaigns organized for this day help fight discrimination in our society. 

Additional resources can be found at: 

BCTF resources: https://www.bctf.ca/advocacy-issues/social-issues#lgbtq2s+

SOGI resources, First People’s Perspectives on Gender: https://bc.sogieducation.org/indigenous-perspectives

A Worldwide Celebration of Sexual and Gender Diversities:  International Day Against Homophobia, Transphobia & Biphobia

November 20th – Transgender Day of Remembrance

Canadians began “marking this day in 1999 in response the brutal killing of Rita Hester, a Black Trans woman. On Transgender Day of Remembrance, we honour all Trans, Two-Spirit, and non-binary people who were victims of violence, hatred, and discrimination and who had their lives taken”.